George Michael Art Print

Back in 2017 I decided to work on something slightly different and created this highly detailed piece of George Michael performing one of his classics. The piece took just under 300 hours and was drawn in fine pencil. You can purchase a highly quality A2 George Michael Art Print by clicking here.

George Michael Art Print
A2 Print does not include Fine Pencil Art Watermark

Geroge Michael

George Michael was an exceptional performer and this piece makes for the perfect gift for the avid George Michael fan. Limited edition prints of the original piece come in A2 size so you can see even the smallest of details, down to his light stubble.

George Michael was one of a kind. Back in 2011 he hosted a free gig for all the staff at Vienna General Hospital as a thank you for saving his life. Unbeknown to many, George as volunteered at a homeless shelter but requested that the workers kept his involvement a secret.

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If you wish to purchase a highly detailed limited edition George Michael Art Print, please click here. All prints are professionally printed by Print Box UK.

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