Pif Artist

Pif has been an artist for many years and has comissioned many pictures for family, friends and celebrities. Pif only draws in pencil and his artwork has been auctioned off for charity for the "Riders for Health" Many of Pif's originals have been signed by the riders and by Pif himself. All prints are limited edition prints and come in their original drawing size of A2.

All drawings are Limited Edition prints A2 in size the medium used is pencil and finished to a very high standard. The original drawings take around 200-300 hours to complete and are extremley detailed.

Pif's has a wide number of avid fans who collect his artwork as well as them making the perfect gift for any biker or art fan.


If you would like to speak to Pif about a commissioned drawing please use the Contact form at the top of the page.


Recently comissioned drawings.

 Commissioned Pencil Artist  Dynamo Portrait

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